War Room Review

war room

This was shown at the church we are attending. War Room is fifth movie from the Kendrick brothers, movie-making ministers at Sherwood Baptist Church; their other movies include “Fireproof” and “Facing the Giants.”

The movie’s premise essentially hammers home the message that it’s  incumbent upon the believer’s works in order for God to act. Nothing going your way? Husband about to cheat? [Etc. etc.] Well you better get down on your knees, sister because, well, the reason God isn’t intervening in your life? Well, you’re just not praying enough. As if God needs us to do anything in order for Him to do everything.

Guess the Fundies loved the premise of this movie, though, as I note on IMDB.com that this movie grossed, as of the end of December, 2015, over 67,000,000. It’s the top grossing evangelical movie ever. [The Kendrick’s previous movies also grossed in the millions.]

What would the Kendrick’s say to the pastor and his wife who lost two of their children?  To the friends we have who lost their adult son? To us, who prayed for my father in law when he was ill (he passed away last fall)? To my praying husband, who’s been without work since the end of November, 2015? “Well, you just weren’t praying enough.” I CALL UTTER B.S.   Prayer doesn’t function like some magic genie – rub the genie and your wishes are granted.

Although these days I’m finding it difficult to figure out exactly what prayer does do in my life.  Prayer? Can’t hurt, might help, I guess. Other people’s prayers are seemingly answered or at least God’s given the credit when things work out.

As an aside, things seem pretty hush-hush however when it comes to distribution of all those greenbacks. So, where does all the money go? Is some of it given to the poor? Scholarships set up for kids too poor to go to University? Syrian refugees sponsored? Food banks started? Missionaries sponsored overseas? Or does it all go to finance a uber-wealthy lifestyle for the Kendricks? Wouldn’t be the first time pastors lived high on the hog.

Inexpensive AND Cheap

Dear American Eagle Outfitters,

I recently purchased this sweater.

AE Sweater

I wore it, and the dye bled all over my bra. Attempts to wash the dye out of the bra were futile. Nowhere on your garment did it say that this was made with specialty dye that will bleed all over light clothing. Likewise there were no specific instructions to wash before wearing. Further, your sales clerk did not mention the necessity of the same.

Unfortunately, this is not the first negative experience I have had with your clothing. The design on a sweatshirt I bought in the spring also ran after washing according to manufacturer’s instructions.

AEO, your clothes may be inexpensive and somewhat cute, but they are also cheap. You’ve just lost a customer.

Gluten Free In Maui {Restaurant Review: Maui Brick Oven}

Here’s a restaurant review of a gluten free restaurant we ate at in Maui this year. It is 100% gluten free and very tasty. I’ll be posting more restaurant reviews on my food blog and re-blogging them here. Stay tuned for a review of a  delicious gelato / crepe restaurant in Ottawa, Ontario we ate at a few weeks ago.