Staying Fit While On The Road (In Your RV)



No need to pay drop in fees at the gym while you’re on the road in your RV.  With a few simple pieces of equipment you can continue your workouts in your RV, or outside at your site, if the weather’s favorable.

I brought some hand weights, resistance elastic bands, and a small ball along with us on our 30 day road trip. I also brought some workouts that were RV-friendly.

The elastic I threw over the bathroom door and put my hands through the handles. Pulling down with straight arms, I was able to do lat pulldowns.  Pulling down with  arms bent at the elbows and held close to my sides, I was able to work my triceps.

This elastic is a pretty versatile piece of exercise equipment.  By sitting down, legs extended, and looping the elastic over the bottom of my shoes and pulling it towards me, I was able to work the back of my shoulders (seated row).  Standing and stepping on the elastic, while holding the elastic in either hand, I was able to work the side of my legs by stepping sideways several times; e.g. step sideways in one direction 8 times, then back 8 times (which is one set) then do that 8 times total. (Not my favorite exercise).

Using the hand weights, I was able to do bicep curls and rotator cuff exercises.  I was able to do squats and arm work simultaneously by holding the weights in either hand and raising my arms to the side, front, or back, at the same time as I performed the squat.

Using no weights, or elastic, I lay on my side, legs extended, and did side leg lifts.  Flipping over on to my front, and positioning myself such that my upper body was raised with my hands flat on the floor, I was able to lift and lower my legs towards the ceiling with bent knee to work my glutes.   Similar to this video except upper body was raised:


Simple wall push-ups or floor push-ups work the pec area.

Using the small ball, which can be purchased cheaply at a dollar store, I worked my lower abdominals by lying on my back, with my legs drawn toward me and feet on the floor. I placed the ball between my knees and squeezed the ball.  Regular crunches work the side and middle abs.

To combat neck and shoulder tension, I lowered my shoulders several times. Another exercise that’s good for shoulder tension is to retract shoulder blades together (all that is required for that exercise is to pull your arms back, keeping them bent and at chest height).

Add in some walking, biking, or hiking for cardio and the fitness bases are covered.

The last days of our trip were some long hours of driving.  To combat stiffness I did what I termed “car aerobics”. I’m sure the other people on the road thought I’d lost it, but, in time to the music, I would move my arms out to the front, sideways, overhead, and I’d get my legs going too, moving them side to side or extending and pulling them towards me.

*Check with your doctor first before attempting these or other exercises. I’m not a fitness professional, just someone who likes to exercise.  Now, I’m off to my next home workout.