Now That’s Ironic

irony meter


Since last spring, I’ve been on a journey to try and improve my health by eating better,  and exercising more often.  Fifty percent of my diet is now fruits and vegetables, with protein and grainy carbohydrates rounding out the rest.  As a result, I’ve lost 30 pounds.

My quality of sleep improved in 2013 when I started using a CPAP machine for sleep apnea.

I got the flu shot as I do every year.

I have never had a sicker winter.  It’s been one virus after another. I am now on my third virus (head cold, mostly in my ears). My immune system clearly sucks.

Irony, you are a bitch.

Behind the Lens

Why I do what I do:


Sugar Beach, Maui, C. KS Dueck
Sugar Beach, Maui, taken by Far From Fundie

Behind the lens

or holding a pen,

my pain disappears,

it seems to end.


The focus required

for both to take flight

robs my illness of power

it seems to take flight.


Such creative endeavors

I forget I’m not

the girl without illness

the girl who’s fraught.


A sick chick no more

as I walk through that door

‘cuz a creative i.d.

has a hold of me.

*Research has shown healthy distractions such as hobbies help those with chronic pain and other chronic illnesses.