Not For Sissies

Products I have used in the past
Products I have used in the past

The older I get, the less beautiful I feel.  Clearly I’m not dealing with this whole aging thing terribly well. And, the older I get, the more high maintenance my body becomes. I am not by nature inclined this way. The only promise I made to myself in my early years was to not use soap on my face. I’ve generally felt there’s always something way more interesting to do than slather on beauty products. This attitude made me kind of a slacker in my beauty “routine”.  That is, until lately.  My skin acquired more and more sensitivities through the years and it takes longer in the mornings to put myself together.  I have dermatitis / eczema on my hands and other body parts which results in my legs sometimes taking on a fish-scale like appearance.

I’ve got rosacea both on my face and eyelids (called ocular rosacea). This took my doctor well over a year to finally diagnose; apparently cheeks that are constantly red, a hallmark of the disease, is not rosacea, according to him. It wasn’t until the disease progressed to the appearance of plaques that he finally admitted it was rosacea.  More info on rosacea here:

Types of Rosacea - picture from
Types of Rosacea – picture from

To control the ichthyosis (the medical term for “fish scale disease”), this website recommends washing with a non-soap high fat content product, exfoliating and moisturizing every day (Every. Day. Are you kidding me?)

So recently I’ve amassed a collection of creams, lotions and potions. To which I receive no promotional fee from for mentioning them.

Rosacea products, both prescription and otherwise. Green-tinted moisturisers and primers help even out my skin tone, often resulting in a rather ghostly appearance. So, after I take the red out, I put the color back in with blush;  some days I ponder the irony of this.

Body wash, exfoliator, special hand creams, gel for the aches and pains. I need to use “free” laundry products or my skin reacts to either the dyes or perfumes.

A faithful flosser I’ve become, my dental hygienist is impressed.   After years of not flossing, an appointment showed something on examination that flossing would help.  She suggested I floss after every meal (!); I compromise by flossing daily.  Every other day there seems to be something in the news about a new study that shows that not flossing will either cause Alzheimer’s or kill you:

With the use of merchandise to take the red out, put the red back in, smooth and draw the eyebrows on, take the fish scales off, keep the irritation away, hide the gray, moisturize the body, color in the dark circles, disguise the effects having a chronic illness has and treat the aches and pains, I start to feel like my own science experiment.

Maxine understands.

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I’m 52 now and I better start to plan my bathroom renovation;  it’s going to need more storage. Extrapolation and indexing up means that, as the years go by, the products will only grow.

My Aunt Karmen was right:  getting old ain’t for sissies.  Or those with small bathrooms.

Note:  This post was originally written January 26, 2011,  and revised in 2014.