Sleep, Much?

Our cat Dexter (RIP since 2013)
Our cat Dexter (RIP since 2013)

Popular wisdom would suggest the more sleep you get in an evening, the better, right? Not so, say my respiratory therapist (who diagnosed and treated my sleep apnea) and some researchers. My therapist advised last week that between five and seven hours per night is the optimal amount; any more is actually harmful to your health in terms of your immune system. My own research found experts who disagree with his statement in terms of hours per night of sleep; most studies seem to indicate that adults should get between 7 and 9 hours and anything over 9 hours per night is detrimental to health in terms of increased risk for overweight, diabetes, stroke or heart problems.  It’s recommended that adults keep a sleep diary for a week or so. In it, record hours of sleep, how you feel upon waking, etc.

Who knew sleeping too much could be harmful to your health?

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