Book Review: We’re Finally Alone – Now What?

We’re Finally Alone, Now What? By Greg Johnson

DH and I have been going through this book, which could also be titled “Everything you didn’t know about your spouse but now finally get the opportunity to ask!”  I am quite enjoying this book – it’s a wonderful conversation starter – and feel it would be a great addition to any couple’s bookshelf.

This is a series of questions written by Greg Johnson who is a former editor of Focus on the Family’s Breakaway Magazine and the author of over 20 books [author bio from].

There are 5 levels of questions, ranging from easy, fun, light questions such as “What makes you laugh uncontrollably?” to questions designed to deepen your level of emotional intimacy with one another such as “What are some of the most important lessons about life that you have learned this past year?” Or “What are 5 things do you think we have to do in the next three years to start encouraging our children to own their faith (instead of borrowing ours)?”

The book is further broken down into several categories such as – Getting to Know You, Communication, Troubles and Struggles, Spiritual Life, Sex and Romance.

Guidelines are given for answering the questions such as following principles of fair and honest communication, don’t interrupt, be aware of non-verbal communication, letting a question “go” if the other person doesn’t feel comfortable answering a question, etc.

This book is designed for any couple at any stage of their relationship – newly married to celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary – these are questions for anyone desiring to increase their level of relational intimacy with their spouse.  Instead of talking about the kids, the house, your jobs, in the “alone time” you’ve finally managed to carve out for yourselves – be it at a restaurant, the beach, or before you fall asleep at night – this book helps “jump start” conversations designed to help you reconnect with your spouse and maybe even shake things up a bit!

This book is out of print; however, should you wish to order a copy, lists several used booksellers that have copies.