KATHY DUECK,  Writing Ninja

I'm a self-starting, results-driven writer with diverse experience. 

Welcome to my site. I'm a published freelance writer from Canada. Writing services I provide are content writing, business writing, article writing, newsletter writing, marketing writing, technical writing, proofreading, editing, and document formatting. I'm available for freelance, contract and/or employee gigs. Check out my portfolio for my publications list.  Writing samples available upon request.


“As Kathy's instructor in the course ‘Strategic Writing for Public Relations and Marketing’ I noted immediately her proactive approach to managing her time and her extremely high standards. She is the kind of person who not only possesses a deep motivation to learn, but she is also determined to leverage that learning in short order. As much as it is possible in an online course, Kathy also demonstrated that enviable balance of leadership and collaboration. I witnessed her willingness and ability to actively contribute in online discussions, often providing insight and encouragement to the learning community. Furthermore, her written assignments were fantastic, all worthy of A+ evaluations.” (David Gaudet, Instructor, University of Calgary)

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