Greetings from the Writing Ninja

I am a self-starting, results-driven writing Ninja with a breadth of writing experience. Put your idea in front of me and I’ll bring it to life. I’m an excellent story-teller with the skills to creatively communicate your client’s ideas, product, business or service. I’m a “Word Nerd” who is detail-oriented and enjoys nothing more than crafting a finely-tuned sentence and engaging in internal debates about appropriate punctuation and grammar. Oh, and I’m a fan of the Oxford comma. I’m enthusiastic about helping businesses grow through the use of compelling, well-written, conversational, content that draws the reader in and informs, entertains, tells a story, and converts.

Writing services I provide are content writing, business writing, article writing, newsletter writing, marketing writing, technical writing, proofreading, editing, and document formatting. Check out my portfolio for my publications list.  Writing samples available upon request. Contact me via my Facebook page, The Writing Ninja

As a value add to clients, I also have my social marketing certificate from Hootsuite.  View my credential here:  Social Marketing Certification